What we can do for you

·        Abba Pest Control has the experience to fix any pest problem that you may have.

·        Work is undertaken by a fully licensed operator who has completed all training courses and regularly attends follow up seminars to keep abreast of current information, new techniques and new chemicals emerging in the market.

·        Work is carried out by a professional operator who will do a quality job.

·        Work is guaranteed and we will call back again at no charge, if you are not happy with our initial service.

·        To reassure you, Abba Pest Control is fully insured with Pacific International.  However, we have never had to make a claim against our insurance!

·        We care about our customers so we make sure that we do a good job every time.

·        We rely on repeat work from existing customers and customer referrals to their friends, so your satisfaction is important to us.

·        Our customers do the advertising for us, so we do not waste money on extensive advertising and then have to pad out our prices to pay for this. 

·        Our prices are very competitive and we keep our prices to a minimum.

·        Phone if you have any questions, or need advise or would like us to come out to see you for a free no obligation quotation.

Drill Holes for Termite Barrier in Concrete or Pavers Trench for Camilleri Reticulation System

General Pest Control Services - cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, fleas, rodents

We provide all general pest services to homes, units, townhouses, duplexes, body corporates, office blocks, factories, shops, restaurants, etc.

Inside your premises we use odourless chemicals that are environmentally safe.  We spray your skirting boards and kitchen cupboards.  We dust behind the refrigerator and stove and inside your roof void.   There are also a variety of cockroach and ant gels available that we can use instead of liquid sprays.

Outside your premises we spray around the perimeter which includes eves, gutters, window frames, weep holes and foundation brickwork.

If you have a pet, we can also spray your carpets for fleas and the yard outside.

 If you have mice or rats we can set traps or baits in areas where your pets and children cannot find them.

Termite Inspections for Home Owners and Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections for Home Buyers

We undertake a thorough inspection of all accessible areas of your property or the property you are intending to purchase, for termites, and give you a written multi-page report.

We sound all visible timbers of your premises.  We scan walls with a Moisture Meter.   We do a visual inspection of all rooms and the roof void.  We inspect the exterior perimeter of your dwelling.  We also inspect any garage, carport, workshop, pergola, fences, gardens, retaining walls, trees and stumps that you may have on your property, as per the Australian Standards.

At the same time we inspect for borer and wood rot.  In our report we will also point out any areas that have the potential of attracting termites some time in the future.

Although we do not do Building Inspections ourselves, we can recommend several fully independent, licenced, qualified and insured building inspectors.

Termite Barriers and Termite Monitoring and Baiting Systems to protect your premises

Termite Barriers

We can install a Termite Barrier around your home or unit or factory to prevent termites entering your dwelling.  We use proven chemicals such as Premise and Termidor, depending on your preference. 

We can dig a trench down to the footings around the perimeter of your dwelling and flood it with a termite control agent and then fill in the trench, as per the Australian Standards. 

Or we can dig a trench around the perimeter of your dwelling and install a reticulation pipe such as Camilleri Reticulation System which we fill with a termite control agent.  In future years this reticulation system can be refilled without disturbing the soil around your dwelling again.  There is an option to drill concrete pathways and driveways if the concrete cannot be removed.  We can do this for you.

Termite Monitoring and Baiting Systems

We can install a series of Sentricon Monitoring Stations in selected areas around the outside of your dwelling.  These stations have protein enhanced wooden sticks installed inside which termites find attractive to eat.  When any station is fully active the sticks are replaced by a Sentricon bait.  The bait is transferred back to the nest by the termites and over time this will help to eliminate the colony.